About Us#

Our Experience#

With decades of collective expertise in designing and operating advanced underwater robots, our team at DeepWater Exploration creates precision-engineered, robust equipment, capable of withstanding the rigors of the oceanic environment. We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals who share a profound passion for marine robotics. We are committed to producing cutting-edge equipment that exceeds industry standards.

Our Mission#

At DeepWater Exploration, we are dedicated to empowering professionals engaged in marine robotics by providing an exceptionally powerful and user-friendly vision platform. Our mission is to facilitate the exploration of the deep sea, advance our collective understanding of the ocean, and contribute to the betterment of our world.

Core Values#

We firmly believe that vision systems in underwater robots should be simple and easy to use, without compromising quality. We recognize that your time is valuable and should be spent exploring, not troubleshooting. Therefore, we develop robust and plug-and-play equipment that is user-friendly, powerful, and of the highest quality.

A Proud EvoNexus Company#

As a valued member of the EvoNexus network, we are affiliated with a prominent non-profit organization that was founded in 2008 by Co-Founders Rory Moore and Admiral Walter Davis. Our participation in the program has afforded us strategic advisory support and capital connections, and we are grateful for the backing of our corporate partners, including some of the world’s largest multinational technology corporations.