Download Discovery

The all-in-one multimedia solution for subsea network video streams.


If you are plugging your Vehicle/Raspberry Pi/Other Device directly into your laptop via an ethernet cable/adapter/dongle, please see the Network Setup Guide first.

Click the “Plus” Icon on the bottom-right side of the page. This will add a “Video Card”.

1 Video Card

This page will contain your “Cards”. Each card will 2 input fields and 2 buttons. We will go over what each of these do.

Quick Functions

These show up when you hover over the + button.

Stream All

Stop All Active Streams

Video Card Buttons

IP Address and Port

These fields specify the IP address and Port number that your camera is streaming to, usually called a stream endpoint. Usually, this is your topside-computer’s IPv4 address.

When there is no active video stream, the input fields will look like this, and you will be able to modify these fields.

When there is an active video stream, the input fields will be greyed out. It will look like this, and you will not be able to modify these fields unless you stop the current video stream.

Global Settings


Before we start streaming, however, it is recommended to change some settings to reflect your specific system.

Using the left-side navigation bar, you can head to the settings page by clicking the “gear”/settings icon.

Each card contains settings for various options in the software.


To activate your license for Discovery, click “Activate New License”.

Enter your license key in the field labeled “License Key”.

Please ensure you have an active internet connection during activation.


After a successful activation, you will see a success screen.

If you ever plan on resetting your operating system or if you will no longer have your device in possession, please unlink your license from the machine to avoid any future troubles. Click here for more information.

License Deactivation (Important)

License Settings

Each license is bound to a specific machine. To utilize your license following a computer reset or on an alternative machine, you must first unlink it from the current machine.

If you own a multi-machine license, you don’t need to unlink your license for each machine you add.

For example, if you own a 3-Machine License, you can use your license key for up to 3 machines without needed to use the unlinking process.

If you have 3-machines currently linked, you will need to unlink your license from a previous machine, in order to use Discovery on a different 4th machine.