SSH Into a Raspberry Pi#


If you are plugging your Vehicle/Raspberry Pi/Other Device directly into your laptop via an ethernet cable/adapter/dongle, please see the PC Network Setup Guide first.

This guide describes how to connect to a Raspberry Pi over a secure ssh connection. It is expected the Raspberry Pi is connected over ethernet and has the IP, which is standard for most ROVs.


For Windows, we recommend using Putty, which can be downloaded here

  • After installing, open Putty and type the address of the Raspberry Pi (which should be set to if you are following Our Guide)

  • Keep the other settings as default and click the Open button

Putty Connect

  • After connecting you will be prompted with a security alert. Ensure you select accept.

Security Alert

  • To log in, use the following credentials: username: pi, password: raspberry

  • You will be greeted with a terminal


First, open your terminal app.


If using Linux, this will depend on your distribution. On MacOS, you can open spotlight and type: Terminal.

The general format for ssh on unix is: ssh -p port user@IP-Address

Enter the following command:

ssh -p 22 pi@

The password will be raspberry by default.