For simplicity, we recommend that you utilize the available exploreHD metal bracket available on our webpage.

Official Mounting Bracket

Compatible with: exploreHD and exploreHD Heavy.


Drill two holes, 30mm apart into your frame where you want the camera to reside. If using a thread-able material, tap an M3x0.5 thread. If using a non-thread-able material, ensure there is space for an M3x0.5 nut on the other side.


Using two M3x0.5 screws, attach the camera bracket to the frame through the two holes on the base of the bracket.


Place the standoff portion of the main camera body into the two remaining holes of the bracket.

Now, you should have an axis about which the camera may rotate.

Tighten the camera into place using the two M2x0.4 screws and the threaded portion of the standoffs.


There may be some give on the rotation of the camera body. To ensure the camera is held in place, zip tie the camera usb cable to the ROV in such a manner that the tension of the cable keeps the camera in place. Ensure to make the zip tie as tight as possible without damaging the cable.