Please see product changelog to see if your product needs updates.

Applying the wrong firmware for the wrong camera will permanently brick your device. Please read carefully.

At this time, the firmware loading is only available on Windows 10+.

Linux development is planned, however there is no available timeline.

Please visit the product page of your device to download the correct software

For a video guide, click here:

Procedure for Updating Your Camera Firmware


Extract the zip file containing the folder with the program.

Extract the Zip File Folder Contents


Unplug all camera/webcam devices and only plug in one camera.


Make sure all applications that use the camera are closed before proceeding.

Run DWEFirmwareLoader.exe

DWE Firmware Loader


Select the correct firmware option for your camera.

Do not close the application, unplug the camera, or open any applications that may use the camera until the update is complete.

Update Firmware


After approximately a minute, your camera should be ready to use!

You may now close the application.

You can test the camera using our tool below.

Online Camera Testing Utility

Convenient tool to test your USB camera feeds.


If you see any errors during the upgrading process, please follow the guides below.